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  1. beta

    Please Ban us

    yup , he is off topic .
  2. beta

    version change and wipe

    still likes the version change and wipe idea .
  3. beta

    when is episode 4?

    ep 4 , yep . sounds good .
  4. beta

    fan art

    bumps the spam troll again . that's 4 times every section . everyone be sure to thank him for destroying our valuable forum . aint no hacks the game has wizards and yes there are gms . try to auto bot it and you will get the boot . have a nice day .
  5. beta

    DKO Wiki

    bumps the spam again says we gots a troll .
  6. beta

    Error to launch

    bumps the spam
  7. beta

    Family picture

    bumps the spam
  8. beta

    DK Online - pk pvp war V.2[Thailand]

    bumps the spam, again .
  9. beta

    Best armor for paladin

  10. beta

    Don't waste your time