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  1. Ohhhww !! WTF how you knew it ! @Owondyah Congratz man you read the futur !
  2. AriusII

    [Announcement] Known issues (March 18, 2019)

    Thank you for having said clearly, what people are thinking softy .... We have 0 real GM In-Game... The game is launched and nobody for the maintenance of the game ..? To have a good game issues and not be spammed with all this GOld Seller ...? And what's about us begin's questions ...? And other questions like, what the real % of enchants, why we have some items possible to get but not the good craft material ( ex : Holy Water ?! ) The launching was really shitty. We was like more of 2K the week of the start and now ...? We meet always the same Username in same place .. Why ? Cause we have <2> GM's present in this forum, and that all ... No real issue from Topic/Discussion from Steam too ... Maybe cause them are from Asia too ..? IDK but it's really strange ... Try to Open Game Master or Game Helper Candidature, where we can have an futur help without spend some time on the Steam discussion / Forum or Tickets for a answer we will never had... Maybe it's the time to change your policy about your < compagny >, cause it's not like this you will continue to have more player's. Like this thread: I was asking simply if it's possible to translate the client and published it(after checking it) .. IDK you not have someone to pay for this but you don't want reply .. This feel so disappointed. And it's not only this, some people want try them candidature about some roles of this game like here : I don't know him. But just the feeling about not having an answer about No we are not plannified to open candidature, or just ' thanks for this, we are thinking about it blablabla ... ' No just ( I Think ) You read it, and at the line of the end you print it, and go to toilet with it for clean yourself. It's the feeling we have all get it. Of course you say ' Yes we have a Dev' team ' But where them are ..? Who's are them ..? Maybe we have more chance to commuicate with them, than with you. Plus you could open candidature for < each > nation's we have Italian Player, Portugese, Spanish, Brazil , AND FRENCHY ( Like me) Player, who would like to join the role of moderation for each communication, we could speak English & us Main langage ... ? What's the better plan for making a good moderation and having more player's from other country, as far ? So thanks everyone who have take the time to read YaY ! Sorry for some faults of grammar And please don't print it and go on toilet with ! - Arius
  3. AriusII

    What is the max level of this game ..?

    It's just a screen of this informations, if them was not < hidded > i wasn't be able to release it ... I understand you point of view, I'm just giving somes informations in more, for a better sentence about leveling.
  4. AriusII

    What is the max level of this game ..?

    Hello, I don't know where you find this information .. https://global.masangsoft.com/?mid=AR_POLICY01 https://global.masangsoft.com/?mid=AR_POLICY02 Plus I would like to say, I always want to know what i'm downloading on a game.What there are inside of PACK/DATA Files, it's like a rights of consomations, you are able to know what's hide in your food right ? You have a label with information of what the content is present. It's same here.I don't know to be curious it's a crime, plus it's only on my computer and this don't make an impact on the game. ( This work also for Modding / Translate client ). - Arius
  5. Hello everyone, some players are asking for the max level of this game, and we can see some answers (48,52 ...) but what about, them are false ? You don't trust me and I can understand this. Here the proof of what I am saying. As we can see the most hard part it's from 48 to 49 it's true, Hahah. But they are already 78 level's avaiable. - AriusII
  6. Hello, thanks for replying @FliP. Yeah, I have see they are already the quest in the client for 25+ but them are partial translate english/corean langage. We could help for translate it in english, and patch somes <tab>, and translations. Happy to help. If admin's accept this thread, maybe them creat the Discord, for official proposition. Waiting for other reply.
  7. Good morning, everyone.I am here to know if it is possible to modify the game client (by the community) in order to translate the game client, here in French, because we are some French to play..., and this blocks some players to have the game entirely in English.I have already started for a personal/guild purpose to do so, Some exemple's : But this topic is intended if it is allowed to be distributed for the community (see by you [Checked/Accepted] ...?)Waiting for an acceptable response from you, @DK Veritas , @DK Eos . * Of course if it's accepted, why not to create an < official discord > for everyone who want translate it for other langages.. AriusII - Frenchi Player