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  1. warrior class only can use 2 type of weapons? Sword & Shield or Greatsword?

  2. FliP

    Up Weapon to +7

    The link is broken. 404 Not Found
  3. FliP

    To better game Experience.

    We used to have detailed stats, so I have no idea why it was removed. //s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/dk-forums-files/monthly_2019_03/image.png.a9d4ceedd43876b054c8b4ae11ddbc48.png
  4. FliP

    Report - DK Online dying slowly or Reborn to die?

    Then try to enforce that and lets see what happens. I am all for getting rid of bots and goldsellers.
  5. FliP

    ADM / GM - 3 Days

    Due to spamming the forum, you could get banned rather than forcing a reply to your topic. How did you even manage to play through Bitcoin? I don't see that option listed in Xsolla under several countries I checked.
  6. FliP

    Report - DK Online dying slowly or Reborn to die?

    I don't want to sound like I am defending asian players, but there are again 2 sides of a coin about their knowledge advantage. Sure, asians are way ahead of us currently because they know how to maximize their efficiency. However, they will not always be ahead. At some point, people will reach level cap and the only difference will be luck in enchanting. You could also look at it from a different angle. If asians weren't that much ahead, the rest of the server would not have access to certain items and equipment that only drop in higher level areas. Having access to these items earlier greatly helps people in their journey. If it wasn't for asians, we wouldn't have seen Spirit weapons, Dark Knight pieces and Brother/Sister accessories 2 weeks ago but maybe just a day or two ago. I don't condone gold buying/selling, but them simply playing ahead of us and selling us stuff we would not be able to get yet does not sound like an as huge problem to me as people try to make it. There are also players that have some knowledge about the game from the last release 6 years ago and somewhat from the korean server, including myself, but yet nobody complains about us having an "unfair advantage". Maybe because we are not asians? That's just racist and ignorant. Masang should just get rid of malicious activities such as botting and gold selling and let everyone enjoy the game, no matter where you are from.
  7. FliP

    What's your attraction to PvP?

    I prefer PvP in organized environments such as Sieges and Arenas. Considering the heavy cost of precious 5% per death, even during consensual PK, I don't see much point doing it. I PvP as a sport and not to trigger, troll or grief someone.
  8. FliP

    Report - DK Online dying slowly or Reborn to die?

    It is a nice written post, but as everyone has the right for his own opinion, here is mine: - Overpriced items in shops and consignment do not necessarily belong to gold buyers. People often sell items overpriced than what you could find it from a vendor in hope that people lacking knowledge will buy them. You seriously cannot believe that someone has 2 billion florin or that the whole server combined even has that kind of wealth. The game is in no way dying. The number of concurent and total players is still rising. We just had our all-time peek 5 days ago and as I am writing this, there are 600 online players on Steam alone, excluding the Masangsoft Launcher. You may now claim "But 100 of those 600 people are bots!!1!!1!!!". No, they are not. If I had to guess, there are no more than 10 gold farmer bots online at any time. You can find bots in Twilight Forest and Twilight Basin, but those areas are very limited. I also noticed 2 bots in Hobgoblin Forest, but have yet to see any in a higher level area. Therefore, my assumption is that we don't have more than 10 of them. Without Chinese and Korean players, we would soon be able to see a noticable difference in the number of players that we see and interact with daily. It is against the ToS for them to play, MasangSoft did what they could according to their policy, which is put region restrictions and remove chinese/korean letters, as well as remove all players that had chinese/korean characters in their names. Unfortunately, MasangSoft cannot control VPNs, which chinese and korean players use to access the game even with region restictions. The state of the game is not just asians fault. It is mainly due to the racist players that plague public chats all day long and yet do the same action they complain to koreans about: automation. It is not just asian gold farmers doing it, "we" do it too, so maybe we should start with ourselves and remove the bad apples before we attack whole other nations? A coin has 2 sides and we should be looking at both of them. My 2 cents.
  9. I would rather keep the experience I grinded that day. If you roll back from the time you said you would, it will deny everything that I have done all day yesterday, including grinding about 30% at Lv41. These little consumables you offer cannot compensate that kind of exp. Not to mention the drops I got and money I made. EDIT: Logged in to see the damage. Your compensation does not even come close to the damage that has been done. Yesterday I actually got lucky with drops and considering all the enchanting and grinding I've done, it is easily over 1 mil Florin in damage, not considering that I have to invest that time again.
  10. Contact support here: http://dk.masanggames.com/DKONLINE_ZENDESK_LOGIN
  11. FliP

    World Bosses

    Respawn should be 24 hours, but there is a high chance that someone already killed the boss before you get there, unless you camp it 15-20 minutes early.
  12. FliP

    The lack of skills...

    Except they have a nuke skill that pretty much one-shots anyone.
  13. FliP

    Graphics bug

    Personally, I have not had the same issue with missing NPCs. Which version of the game do you play, Steam or Launcher? Maybe try a file recovery.
  14. FliP

    [Announcement] Known issues (March 18, 2019)

    Since it has been mentioned, and to address another reason why people leave the game, is the steep difficulty curve. I understand that DK Online is a Hardcore MMO and that is fine by me, because I know the enjoyment that lies within end-game. However, most players that have never played the game do not have the motivation to endure the endless grind until end-game. Most people don't even stick around until Lv30. The game should not be made any easier, but more convenient for the player. My proposal is to add more side-quests that are appropriate for the players level and gear score, add better quest rewards. Players also complain that they spend more money on potions than they make with killing monsters, so lower the price of potions. Give players an incentive to keep leveling. After getting your mount at Lv25, there is no other milestone to aim for. Something to think about would be a instanced Battleground (10v10 Capture the Flag) that people can play if they are bored from killing monsters, but still want to earn experience and florin. It has been proposed before and it is a good idea to add daily login rewards. It gives players an incentive to at least log in every day and just maybe some of them will keep playing. Add some kind of "New Adventurer Bag" that players can open each 5 levels and contains useful convenience items such as potions, exp boosts, transformations etc. This also gives an incentive to level further to see the contents of the next New Adventurer Bag you can open, as long as the content is actually useful. The state of the game currently is that only dedicated players, that have experienced the game before, are sticking around and pushing to reach max level. Those will leave eventually if new players quit the game leaving them not having to compete and fight with someone.
  15. FliP

    Worth it?

    I play Warrior, and while the lack of skills and superiority of Sorceress is depressing, I do not spend any money for grinding at all. I do buy Potion of Bravery occasionally at good prices, as those seem to drop much less than Potion of Haste, but I have not bought a single Healing Potion yet and it is not looking like I will buy them any time soon. Do your daily quests, as many as you can or consider worth doing, and you will have plenty of tokens to spend on potions. The higher level you are, the more daily quests you get, the more free potions you can have. You also need to think where you should grind. If you have to spend 30 Potions just to kill a mob, you obviously are not strong enough to grind that area.