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  1. Overconfident Erwin

    Alliance Name Toggle

    Hi, Please add the feature to allow us to turn on the Alliance name for all guilds and remove like the Heraldry and Title. Thanks
  2. Overconfident Erwin

    Paladins - Knights or Clerics?

    http://wiki.dk.masanggames.com/dkwiki/index.php/Paladin Sorry forgot the link and we can't edit posts yet yikes.
  3. Overconfident Erwin

    Paladins - Knights or Clerics?

    Here is a list of paladin skills, they do have a lot of buffs and a nice heal/revive late but it doesn't make them 100% supportive.
  4. Overconfident Erwin

    Possible to restat?

    No talent tree, all skills are available to everyone in their respective class.
  5. Overconfident Erwin

    Possible to restat?

    There is no such thing as statting anymore. Each class has base stats and that's it.
  6. Overconfident Erwin

    Greatsword or Sword + Shield?

    Hey guys, Time to bring up the age old question, which is better of the two? With the release of the wiki we can see the more damage oriented warrior skills require the Greatsword, but does it surpass the extra defense provided with the shield? With Sword and Shield; Shield Strike = Inflict physical damage to the target by striking it with the shield. Has a chance to decrease the target's movement speed. LVL 16, MP 5, CD 5S, CAST TIME 0, DURATION 2S. Protection Shield = Shield defense value is increased for 15 seconds. LVL 24, MP 15, CD 1MIN, CAST TIME 0, DURATION 15S. With Greatsword; Battle Stance = Take battle stance to increase attack speed and critical damage. LVL 24, MP 15, CD 45S, CAST TIME 0, DURATION 15S. Armor Break = Decrease the target's defense by temporarily destroying the target’s armor with a strong attack. LVL 32, MP 15S, CD 30S, CAST TIME 0, DURATION 8S.
  7. Overconfident Erwin

    Steam Name Change

    Hi again, For accounts created from linking steam, we are not able to change our Forum name. This is a problem as a lot of us have different Steam names opposed to our In game names. If you are able to provide a solution that would be great, or if we have to sign up with your website and link that too it should be ok. Cheers
  8. Overconfident Erwin


    Reborn is a guild built on loyalty, dedication, companionship and hard work. We strive to ensure our name is both feared and respected. Reborn was an established guild in DK Online under the old publisher some 6 years ago. We contained a large active player base and managed to impact the game in both PVE and PVP aspects. We are a heavily community focused guild, driven to look after our members and allies. We aspire to become one of the top guilds with the overall aim for #1. With extensive game knowledge and friendly active players we are a perfect fit for all old and new players looking to make an impact. Reborn is also looking to create the strongest alliance in the server to create and maintain our dominance across the game. We enable our players to compete with the best and to be feared and respected. 2019 Reborn will be heavily active in all aspects of the game be it pvp (castle siege), pve (boss fights, dungeon raids) or any community based events. Feel free to join the Reborn discord to inquire about joining, asking questions about the game or just want to hang out with a friendly community of active players. Discord link - https://discord.gg/sNfX8Mr We look forward to hearing from you! - Pingu 
  9. Overconfident Erwin

    Guild Recruitment Topic

    Hi, Please create a Guild Recruitment topic to enable us to recruit new and existing members. Cheers