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  1. Veldora

    Why are there so many Koreans?

    it feels like the half of the playerbase are from china or korea. i think theyre all using a vpn otherwise it wont make so much sense for me. i dont think that masangsoft will do anything against it
  2. Veldora

    some questions

    I dont trust the defense shit. i have wasteland robe +4, beast boots +4, golem helmet and beast gloves and if i follow the guide i should grind in the unknown forest. also i wanna know how i should increase my dmg. upgrading a staff doesnt feels like itll add addtional dmg until +7 where it starts to give additional dmg to monsters. thats a bad thing that i cant see my dmg output
  3. Veldora

    Fix Game mechanics

    idk if u want to farm a specific cloak, but if not just follow the missions. but i know what u mean, im trying to buy my skillbooks for lv 28, but i spent all gold for the potions :P
  4. Veldora

    Fix Game mechanics

    i agree with the potions. as example yesterday i bought 300 potions, farmed with them temple floor 2 and at the end i had none potions left and dropped 2 iron ores only. i dont even get the potions price back :P
  5. Veldora

    Lets Talk about WARlock

    anyone who can tell me how poison cloud is? since with dark aura aoe grinding feels inefficent.
  6. Veldora

    some questions

    How do you guys feel about the game? For me, i feel pretty useless. few monsters and i die quickly, my dmg is nearly non existent. ofc i have upgraded gear, but i dont understand how the koreans can grind in areas where i am onehit and they also kill them with 4 hits. what am i missing? Also, ive seen the VIP buff, how can i get it? since you cant buy it in the DK Shop.
  7. Veldora

    Lets Talk about WARlock

    i remember in 2012 i played the shadowmage (warlock) and it was fun. but idk how the warlock is now, since a lot of skills like critical heal doesnt exist anymore :P since stating and theres no skilltree anymore, it could be still a lot of fun.
  8. Veldora

    Possible to restat?

    uff a lot changed in this game. thanks for the informations :)
  9. Veldora

    Possible to restat?

    Oh wow. Well thats good to know. does the Talent tree still exist? and also is it possible to restat those if theyre implemented?
  10. Veldora

    Possible to restat?

    im not talking about the base stats. when i played this game in 2012 i played a shadowmage with full wis. since we have a mana regen skill im thinking about to build something else. would like to try a full con build too.
  11. Veldora

    Possible to restat?

    I want to know if i can restat and test out few builds. or am i forced to pay 10€ like other games to restat my skills / stats?