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Guild heraldry?

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How do I register ‘Guild Heraldry’?


Only the guild leader or guild members who have permission to change the mark can be registered Heraldry.
For registering the Heraldry, required Guild level is 3 or higher.


▶Guild Heraldry

1. Resolution: RGB Color 32-Bit

2. Size: Width 20/ Height 14 (pixel)

3.Storage: Only files less than 1 ~ 4KB can be registered and fixed automatically to the size.

4.Fire format: Must be produced in tga.

▶ How to apply the alliance heraldry

1. Copy the guild heraldry file to [My Documents] > My Games\DKOnline\Mark folder.
ex) My Games\DKOnline\Mark\ filename.tga

2. Follow this step [Guild Tab]> [Guild Settings]> [Heraldry], select the desired mark in Heraldry and  [Apply] button. It will be applied immediately.

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