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Not sure if anyone of you ever heard of Player.me

It's not super popular "yet"... but it's next big gaming thing and that's for sure.


I yet haven't gotten much into it, due to not having some specific reasons. I was just "there", sort of. Watching it grow, change, develop... 

I contributed with adding some of the games and my most recent contribution is :


What this mean is that you can easily put the name of the game in front of the eyes of thousand gamers each day, just by doing this:



This comes out as a gaming facebook or whatever social network you are on... 

Just thought I'd share this 😉 


EDIT: yes, i'm aware links don't work... just copy/paste them. Tried to get it work for 15mins and gave up. This has to be one of the worst forums I had chance to post on. 

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