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  1. Owondyah

    [Announcement] Server down issue on 19th March

    its 20 years of online gaming... nothing else.
  2. Owondyah

    [Announcement] Known issues (March 18, 2019)

    we can write whatever we want here... they give 0 fks about it next time we see some staff action here is gonna be maintenance post. About koreans spending money and all that jazz... yea, they do, and they spend alot... i'm curious what purpose does it have, as I don't find it fun to play alone on that level. Just mindless, lifeless idiots, if you ask me. This game is worth it's price, zero... for me it's gonna stay that way until I see proper game management. Until then, Gloria Victis is where my gaming money goes. Those guys deserve every cent.
  3. Owondyah

    Worth it?

    it's worth it's price that's for sure... 0 It's fun as long as you have good guild. Don't not even think to play this solo, as you would die of boredom. come, join us in grind 😉
  4. Owondyah

    [Announcement] Known issues (March 18, 2019)

    basically that issue is the one 90% of players don't give a single damn. Here is our list of "known issues": - gold spam - bots - quest translations - skills started to lagg (that wasn't case on launch day, or day after) - silly prices on cash shop - "30days" stuff (spend money on something that will expire in 30 days, so you can buy it again?) that's just taken from what community says... but hey, ofc you don't know it cuz nobody of you guys even dared to enter the game. If you did, at least those bots would be banned and spam would be solved. Ofc, your priority is PREMIUM merchant /facepalm EDIT: and yes, i'm annoyed af with this "announcement" cuz I saw no replies on IMPORTANT TOPICS whatsoever.
  5. Owondyah

    Can't make purchases from store

    took few days for them to reply to my guild mate... guess you will have to wait.
  6. Owondyah

    Can't make purchases from store

    first thing: I can't believe you are ready to spent money on this. second thing: Don't you see you are ready to spend money on a game which doesn't have community manager? Not to mention the ingame chat moderation? third thing: Still can't believe the first thing I bought more games than dishes, but this game is not getting my money unless masangsoft gets the grip and start solving problems. Until then I'll just be free player. Problems: - bots - chat spam - cash shop prices
  7. Owondyah

    My DK vids

    Final FAQ 😉
  8. Owondyah

    Staff responses

    their communication is weak, to say the least
  9. Owondyah

    Staff responses

    Why every single important question from community, something that interests us, is getting overlooked and not replied onto?
  10. Owondyah

    Low HP alert

    i never had it... only that sound of hearthbeat
  11. Owondyah

    This needs to be done

    it's ok when it happens in mmos that are single player (gw2, WoW, eso etc etc) with other ppl running around. this is a grinder game where you should party up with guildmates and go into the world, and it does penalize you for doing that by cutting your fame gain after you invite 4th man in party and splits you xp... Ppl keep on rejecting my party invites for dailies, ppl that are levels above me won't even invite cuz they will loose precious 0,02% of xp etc etc... Just too many things that are not logical to me
  12. Owondyah

    This needs to be done

    Why do we have xp penalty while being in party, in a game that is about being in party? I'd like to hear what staff has to say about this logic...
  13. Owondyah

    Block list

    same for me here, just green color cba to post screenshot now as I'd rather just log out and play something else... this is fkn stupid EDIT: https://imgur.com/2kDOORV
  14. Owondyah

    World Bosses

    I knew that, but... There seems to be higher, much higher chance, to get nothing :)
  15. Owondyah

    World Bosses

    So... We, Behemoth, just downed Rakku... was 6 of us, undergeared... spent over thousands florin to prepare and wasted hundreds upon hundreds of potions. For what? Weapon Scroll which drops from usual monsters... wow... Anyone can tell me if that was just really, reeeeaaallly bad luck of these are no worth our time?