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Patch Notes - Nov 29, 2023

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Hello everyone!

We are here to announce the updated contents on Nov 29 server maintenance.
Maintenance Period: Nov 28-29, 2023 @15:00 - 00:00(PST)



1. Add season open event

Hot Time Events

In-Game Attendance Check Event


2. Update

  • Unavailable Christmas Candy, Christmas Chocolate, Christmas Milk, Christmas Cake, Christmas Assorted Gift Box
  • Unavailable Premium Achievement Reward Reset Ticket (DK Shop)
  • Add Blessed Goddess Grace, Burned-out Grace of Goddess items
  • Add Blessed Bena Equipment Craft Formula
  • The way you receive the achievement rewards will change.
  • Sub-tasks are added to the Monster Conquer 1 achievements.
  • Monster Conquer Achievements 2 will be added.
  • The 2024 season conqueror achievements will be added.
  • The free achievement rewards will be reorganized.
  • The appearance card is added to the S-Rank transformation card box and the SS-Rank transformation card box.
  • Add whips in premium stores.
  • Add Blessed Goddess Grace.
  • The novelty store sells highly efficient potions.
  • Add a Lazio Silver Exchanger.
  • Various items can be exchanged for Lazio silver.
  • Add Magic Cubes
  • The maximum level limit is increased to 77 levels.
  • The balance of the Highlander Cocoon Orc area is modified.
  • Highlander Cocoon Orc up (HP, offensive, defensive, experience increased).
  • Some drop items and probabilities are modified.
    - Improve the placement of monsters in Execution Ground of Lakshtoom.
  • The contents of the raid-class boss reward box will be reorganized.
  • Changing the components and probabilities of the boss reward box.
    - Balrog / King of Wind Elemental / King of Water Elemental / King of Earth Elemental / King of Fire Elemental
  • Scroll of the Dead
    - Adjust the price of weapon/armor scroll of the dead
  • Add Enhancement: Weapons of a certain grade can now be reinforced up to +15.
  • Adjust all bosses' respawn time to 30 minutes.
  • Sell Sealed Experience Potions 100% on DK shop
  • Add 2024 Season DLC (Ultimate Pack)
  • Apply new buff (double item Item acquisition, premium point acquisition) when utilizing Premium Home Buff, DK Noblesse, and Dionne's Blessing simultaneously.
  • Skill adjustments

- Duration increase for Heroic Spirit (Level 1: 1 minute, Level 2: 1 minute 30 seconds)
-Cooldown reduction for Battle Stance to 17 seconds, consumes 35HP instead of 15MP
- Cooldown reduction for Armor Break to 8 seconds, consumes 25HP instead of 15MP
- Dark skill resource consumption changed to 50MP and 3 Dark Magic Stones
- Dark skill duration changed to 5 seconds, changed to area-of-effect skill
- Dark skill now applies additional ongoing damage to targets under the dark status effect
- Holy Recovery applies to (Self, Nearby Party Members -> Self, Nearby Party Members, Guild Members)
- Tooltip modification for Holy Recovery
- Cooldown reduction for Avatar to 15 seconds
- Cooldown reduction for Provocation to 5 seconds
- Overwhelm resource consumption changed to 30MP and 1 Crystal
-Overwhelm skill applies to (Single Target -> Self, Nearby Party Members)
-Overwhelm skill cannot be canceled by dispelling
-Cooldown for Elemental Defense (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind) skills changed to 20 seconds.
-Mirror Magic skill has been changed to a targeted skill

※ Please note that the contents are subject to change without notice.

Best regards,
DKO Team

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