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  1. Bibiche

    The game is over

    No new content, no high lvl zone, full of Korean players and guilds, full of bot/maccro players... Dont ask why players are leaving... Game is died since 1 month
  2. Bibiche

    Don't waste your time

    I didn't submit in forum, shoul i send a mail to support ? Idk how to submit one Sure, at early game it's so weak until you get Magnum shot even if you have bow+9 @Boom i drop my first archer skill yesterday, it's the only one i saw in my entire game
  3. Bibiche

    Fame and lvl gaps

    If you're in a party the first member who hit the target will get the fame point. Fame point are variables and depends what monster you are killing (Eaglers give 1 - Pagan 4th floor monsters give 4...)
  4. Bibiche

    Up Weapon to +7

    When your weapon is +5, use a Blessed Weapon Magic Scroll and pray to have a +2 bonus Or try a Weapon Magic Scroll on +6 Weapon and pray again
  5. Bibiche


    not implemented yet i guess
  6. Bibiche

    Report - DK Online dying slowly or Reborn to die?

    50% agree / 50% disagree Pros: - My blocklist is full everyday and i clean it evryday when i wake up. - Gold sellers are the worst thing in this game and i'm tired of all of them. - Why not had more spot in BL ? Cons: World Channel at level 40+ gonna make some new players clearly disadvantaged. - Can't ask question to get help, can join a guild exept if they whisp someone - Can't ask for buy/trade/sell anything and only use AH to get gold - Can't ask any help from higher level (just take a look on how much people ask about inventory weight/skill and else) maybye lvl 25/30 is better than 40+
  7. Bibiche

    Are you kidding ?!

    Aaaaah ok i understand. I feel like an idiot right now.
  8. Bibiche

    Are you kidding ?!

    This is a quest lvl 43 !!! And your reward is what ? A f*cking book skill lvl 24 WTF !!! Oh apologize, i know why... Nobody have enough money to buy it at lvl 43
  9. Bibiche

    Don't waste your time

    Skills: - Fire Bless is broken, it doesn't increase attack speed. I did few test with and without "Potion of Haste" and "Miracule Cure of Wind", it doesn't change anything - Earth Limit is supposed to be a 100% chance to root but trust me it works 1/4 times. According to the description there's no "in a certain probability" (Earth Limit -> With Earth Dragon’s energy, IMMOBILIZE target for a short time) - Magnum Shot will become your best friend at level 36 but provided that you hit your target - Books drop are rarest than any other class Stuff: - Bows are the poorest weapon in this game. They have the smallest damages compare to other physicals weapons - Mid/End Game bows are the most expensive weapons, just have a look to the auction house Gameplay: - Our attack speed is really bad. We already have the poorest weapon and our attack speed ins't increase to balance with our poor damages. Warriors and Paladins have more damages and hit more quickly than archers. - We don't have skill to regen our mana. You will not have a good Mana Regen except with your stuff (which is nearby 0) and 'Potion of Mana" will not help you to regen (2pts every 10sec) this is ridiculus. - Double attack animation is just an animation... You seem to attack and hit twice, but in reality you just attack once and spend 1 arrow. Do not get fooled - We need to craft or buy our own arrows. Ok that's great and quite normal, but we only have 2 kind of arrows ? And obviously, if you buy simple arrows you can't sold them... Don't spend your money buying arrows, craft them... - Transformations are juste a huge joke for Archers ! All the classes have more than 15 possible transformations, Archers only have 8 WTF ?! And obviously, too few transformations even less buffs from them. 1) Froger Assasin/Gnoll Archer/Eagler Archer/Gremlin Crossbowman ---> No buff 2) Cocoon Archer (Accuracy +1) 3) Toad Archer (Max HP+10/HP Regen +1..... USELESS) 3) Malay/Shadow Pierce (Yeah the best !!! Wait... What ?! LEVEL 52 !!!) There is Hobgoblin Thief / Hobgoblin Warrior / Hobgoblin Shaman ? There's NOT Hobgoblin Hunter There is Dark Elf ? There's NOT Dark Elf Archer There is Lizardman / Lizardman Warrior / Lizardman High Priest ? There's NOT Lizardman Sentry So, as the title says don't waste your time
  10. Bibiche

    [Maintenance] Urgent Maintenance on 20th March

    Hope to get back all the stuff we loose... if not what would you do devs ?
  11. Bibiche

    Report - DK Online dying slowly or Reborn to die?

    100% agree with you ! hmmm i'm the only one confused on how could Macao have 6 Bows of spirit in this bag ? oO
  12. Bibiche

    Current server is unstable

    I did it more than 50x too and now it seems impossible to get my bow and necklade back. Hope it will be fix , cause those items was my best gear
  13. Bibiche

    Current server is unstable

    Try to logout/in, i get my gloves back but still not my weapon and guarder
  14. Bibiche

    Current server is unstable

    I lost 5% exp because i was unable to use return scroll or even one of my potions becaus "this item doesn't exist"... Sure, i don't have 400 pots in my bag Thank you for my death I really hope a restart or fix or rollback AND compensation. I spent money in this game, i wasn't expect to have an unstable one Just see by yourself
  15. Bibiche

    My helmet is missing, what should I do?

    Told you, at this moment, the game is extremly bugged. I had to ALT+F4 to quit becaus my character crahed (i launch my mount, cast bar was full but my charac crash and i was unable to do anything... can't move, can't use menu, can't use menus... Really weird because game wasn't crashes, i saw all people around me still moving and playing, but not me) anyway, i believe tonight (9.41 pm here) it will be impossible to play the game until a maintenance... hope it will come sonner as possible